Vids 2


  1. You're the king of content, Fruktiko!
    Lovely fresh uploads!I'm extremely interested in the lady on the 66612 file - aka Wiselady. I'd gladly see more of her. As I always say, keep these MILFS and GILFS coming and have a wonderful year. Cheers !

  2. Hello fruktiko! Thanks a lot for your videos, I always loved them, ever since grannysexforum. But unfortunately I can't download them anymore! Filepost informs me that "The file owner has limited free downloads of this file. Thus a premium membership is required to download this file."
    But I don't have a premium account and don't have the possibility of creating it right now. And I want to watch your new great videos. Can you please allow free users to download your files? You're doing a great job and I appreciate it a lot. Thanks!